How to Vaguely Make Gnocchi

Potatoes Potatoes Potatoes, the main ingredient for gnocchis, we tend to forget.

Fresh Gnocchi always taste better so I though I would try making my very own. Not the perfect making of experience but with some practice I’m getting better.

Gnocchis in the making

Gnocchis in the making

Vague instructions on how to make gnocchi:

  • A bunch of potatoes
  • A pile of flour
  • A pinch of salt
  • Eggs …chicken obviously
  • Drop of water
  • You can also add chopped up (in itsy bitsy tiny bits) like brocoli….yes it tastes nice I¬†swear
  1. First you need to boil those potatoes and then crush the hell out of them. Don’t completely make them into mash but close to that
  2. Add most of the bunch of flour to the now dead potatoes but keep some for later, you’ll need it to make a mess later.
  3. Break those eggs into the flour/potatoes. MIX, with a spoon but really the best is to get those little hands of yours dirty! Think of it as bread dough. Make it in to one homogeneous ball of dough. If it gets too hard put a drop of water to ease it but don’t make it rain on the dough please



  4. Remember the flour you were meant to have kept to make a mess,it’s now time to use it! Spread flour on CLEAN (don’t be unhygienic please) work area and dump the dough on it,so it doesn’t stick. Take pieces of the dough and roll into long gnocchi thick spaghetti. You should get a few of those.
  5. Cut the long pieces of dough into even smaller pieces. Round the corners of the pieces so they dont look all messy and use a fork to do the lines that make gnocchis look like little bugs.
  6. Put them in a container .Pop them in the fridge for a bit, voila.
  7. Dont forget to cook them. Boil or fry them and serve them with anything you like Enjoy !