Cannes 2017: Best dressed

We’ve all know the iconic Festival of Cannes, for which all Hollywood stars, highlighters trendsetters ect ….gather to watch the latest in cinema (often weird independent films). During that festival week there are countless red carpet events and galas , it’s basically the week we’re all waiting to see beautiful clothes and some fashion “faux pas” (as the French would say).

Here are some of the best dressed people in my mind during the Cannes extravaganzas.

These two just look like their fairy godmother has glammed them up for the biggest ball of their lives. Bachchan’s dress by Michael Cinco actually reminds me of the dress in the live action Cinderella movie (with Lilly James ). A very traditional big royal ball gown. Meanwhile Harlow is wearing what I would call a modern take on the Cinderella ball gown by Zuhair Murad. Both looks are elegant and impossible not to stare at.

Simple Chic- Daphne Groeneveld

cannes- daphne groeneveld

When in doubt simple and elegant is always the way to go to achieve the ultimate chic look. Pink and light with an sophisticated cleavage …top marks for Daphne!

Fresh Flowers- Jourdan Dunn & Elle Fanning

Look at how elegant and innocent these two ladies look. If you look closely though you can lightly see Jourdan’s legs though the light fabric of her dresses’ skirt. Subtle and sexy. The neckline also gets great marks. Elle is dresses in a less sexy but just as elegant flowery dress. It makes her look young and innocent and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Hobbo Chic – Stacy Martin

cannes- stacy martin amfar

It kind of look like that dress was’t meant for this type of event and yet there is something extremely charming and sophisticated dress. The colour is subtle and the fabric’s shimeriness gives it that extra “je ne sais quoi”.  Absolute proof that their is sophistication in simplicity.

There were so many good looks I couldnt possibly have them all on here. These are just some of my personal favourites…might be adding some more very soon.

What were your favourites ?